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The Construction Product Regulation n° 305/2011 (CPR) is intended to ensure the free circulation of construction product in the EU removing trade barriers created by national technical specification. This is achieved by providing a “common technical language", offering uniform assessment methods for the performance of construction products throughout the European Economic Area. Cables concerned by the regulation are power, control and communication cables intended to be permanently installed in buildings and other civil engineering works subject to reaction to fire requirements. The cable characteristics included under the CPR are:

  • reaction to fire: this refers to cables of all types used in construction works with requirements for Reaction to Fire - meaning flame spread/propagation, heat release, smoke production and emission of acid/corrosive gases, and restriction on flaming droplets
  • release of dangerous substances: refers to both European (see EU Regulation n° 1907/2006 REACH) and National Regulations on substances

Note that at this point the harmonised standard for fire resistant cables is still under development. This means that they are not yet subject to the CPR requirements and that their entire fire behaviour (fire reaction and fire resistance) is still to be assessed against the current national standards.

All cables put onto the market in the European Union for the construction market, will require the manufacturer to draw up and make available a Declaration of Performance (DoP) ­Nexans' Declarations of Performance are easily accessible through the Nexans Tracker.

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