Market challenges

Due to falling voice revenues, technological advances, and rising customer expectations, telecoms are transforming their operations through strategic investments which vary greatly throughout the world.

Asia, the Americas and Europe are continuing to move inexorably towards higher data speeds for larger sections of their populations; while developing countries who have leapfrogged into mobile services are eagerly awaiting the chance to move massively into new broadband services.

The next phase will be the worldwide proliferation of Triple Play which combines voice, television and Internet on a high-speed platform.

This will eventually segue into a Quadruple Play environment, when wireline networks, wireless and mobile seamlessly merge.

That is why telecom operators urgently need to leverage their infrastructure assets and reconfigure their copper and optical fiber infrastructures.

What OEMs and telecoms expect from cable manufacturers :

  • Complete range of telecom products from one experienced supplier
  • Familiarity with their special regional needs, and regulations
  • Technical and Marketing expertise for Value Creation
  • Easy and progressive upgrades to higher data speeds, both xDSL and FTTx
  • Extended reach to previously ineligible subscribers
  • Optimized prices for quality products
  • Lifetime reliability and high Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Input on design, network configuration, maintenance
  • Pre-testing of complete telecom solutions
  • Outstanding service and delivery levels
  • Recycling facilities and dedication to the environment
Telecom Network phone

To answer these challenges, Nexans provides a complete range of cables and accessories for all of your telecom networks' infrastructures.